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Our bi-monthly ShowNights in Chatham, Kent give you a fantastic opportunity to meet and network with other DJs in your area, take part in DJ-related discussion topics as well as meet leading equipment manufacturers.


As a SEDA member you will benefit both professionally and personally from a wide range of support, information and valuable tips on a variety of different subjects for you to use throughout your career as a DJ.


Get more from your SEDA membership with £10m Public Liability Insurance (PLI), £10m Employer Liability Insurance (ELI) and £10m Product Liability Insurance to protect you and your clients for peace of mind.


Take advantage of special offers and promotions on music and DJ equipment.
Also, keep up to date with your free copy of the ProMobile Magazine and SEDAmail.  You can also be listed in our member directory!


My inheritance tracks – No3: Ian Forest

SEDA Inheritance Tracks This is a spotlight on SEDA Members musical influences designed to give an insight into their musical story. I hope you enjoy this feature, and look forward to many more.  Last night’s brilliant SEDA Shownight on 28th January 2018 continued the...

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My inheritance tracks – No2: Theo Loyla

SEDA Inheritance Tracks Last night’s amazing SEDA Shownight on 19th November 2017 continued the 'My Inheritance Tracks' feature, and this time it was Theo Loyla's Inheritance Tracks. This is a spotlight on SEDA Members musical influences designed to give an insight...

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SEDA Profile – Chris Gadd

Performing at Sure Run to the beat at Wembley Park Lighting Design for 'Blue Stockings' So SEDA have asked me to write a little blog about my time at the BRIT School and what i’m up to in the live events industry. Not too sure where to start but here it...

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Evolution vs Implementation

There's a lot of talk right now about evolution, our own evolution. Brian Mole took us on a journey at the last SEDA ShowNight with his inheritance tracks, his musical history and how he has evolved from that. SEDA itself is evolving.  We started this year with a new...

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FBT Mix & Match by Keith Hutchins

For the last few years I have been running the Vertus CLA 604A x 4 and 208SA x 4 and have been very pleased with the system. It has proved to be very reliable and gives an excellent sound in my opinion. In all the venues I work there has not been an issue...

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September ShowNight

If you didn't make it down to ShowNight last night then you missed a treat as we announced that SEDA is moving once more "back home" to what is considered by many to be our "home" - The Village Hotel in Maidstone!  The announcement was met with delight from some of...

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