Following the announcement yesterday that Martin Keogh will be speaking at SEDAbuzz in November we are also excited to tell you that Kevin McNally from FBT has been added to our lineup of session’s next month!

As a DJ you rely on a sound system to connect with your audience, whether it is your own mobile system or a venue’s permanently installed rig. This session at SEDAbuzz will explain how to understand and optimise the system you are working with so that YOU stand out as a performer.

DJing isn’t just about tune selection and mixing well – it is also about understanding HOW to get your performance to sound great and stand out SONICALLY. If your audience cannot identify the subtleties in your performance you will be just ‘another DJ’.

This session, which is intended for everyone from the beginner to the superstar DJ, will include lots of practical examples and audience participation. You’ll learn how to make distortion work for you and gain an understanding of the potentially complex, yet essentially simple, art of communicating with sound.

Kevin McNally has over 35 years of experience as a DJ and has also spent 20 years working in Pro Audio, recommending, specifying, installing, setting up and running sound systems for audiences ranging from 100 to 5000 people.

Tickets are available for SEDAbuzz priced at £20.00 for members and £30.00 for non-members right now by clicking here!

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