Following our SEDAbuzz workshop on the 15th November, Derek Pengelly will be hosting a performance-based workshop at the Bridgewood Manor Hotel on the 16th November.

This workshop is designed to get you in the focal point and will help you to convey emotion and excitement when making introductions.  Derek will individually video record each delegate and offer critique to help you:

  • Master the use of attention statements (ladies and gentlemen, etc.)
  • Eliminate redundant words and phrases (ok, err, etc.)
  • Present memorable spotlight moments (cake cutting, first dance, etc.)

He will also help you with planning, body language, using props, scripting and a whole lot more!

The workshop runs from 9:30am to 5:30pm and there are just 10 tickets available at a cost of £100.00 each.

Book your place right now by clicking on this link!


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