We hosted our annual AGM and ShowNight last night at the Bridgewood Manor Hotel in Chatham.

As there were no contested positions this time around so our Committee for the year ahead remains as follows…

  • Chairman – Ian Forest
  • Vice-Chairman – Glenn Nash
  • Treasurer – Keith Hutchins
  • Secretary – Gavin Vaclavik

In addition we are pleased to announce that both Caroline and Andy Robinson will continue to dedicate their valuable time to the positions of Membership Secretary and ShowNight Co-ordinator!

The ShowNight itself was a great success with plenty of SEDA members (and non-members!) in attendance and we would like to thank Sean from Chauvet, Jon and the gang from InMusic, David from Promo Only, Kel from the Video Geeks, Scott from Virtual DJ and Simon from Events Nouveau for bringing some great content and products to our ShowNight!

Kel from Video Geeks started the night with an awesome live audio and video mashup which captured everyone’s attention right from the beginning!  Later in the evening he told us how he started and his journey to where he is today.

Sean brought some fantastic new products from Chauvet Lighting including the new D-Fi USB range, FX range including the Swarm, Kinta, Beamer and Abyss and as a special surprise, hidden in a cardboard tube was the brand-new Freedom Stick which is certainly generating some interest around the internet!

Certainly one of the highlights of the evening was the new Serato and Engine-equipped Denon MCX8000 controller.  It certainly is an awesome piece of kit and has some unique features which definitely sets it apart from a lot of other controllers on the market right now.  The MCX8000 is due for release sometime in April at around £899.  Keep your eyes open for it, it seemingly is worth every single penny (and more!).

Jon and the team from InMusic also brought with them the Alto Black series speakers that you can control with your mobile phone or tablet and the new budget Truesonic range which offers a great sound considering the price!  The Truesonics were running wirelessly using  Alto’s amazing wireless stealth system which can be very useful indeed!

David from Promo Only kept us up to date with this video download subscription and DVD service, definitely the place to go if you currently are or are looking into offering high quality HD videos at your events.

Scott from Virtual DJ introduced us to some new features in VDJ 8 including a cool way of being able to control your lighting through DMX on a per-song basis.  This gives you so much creativity to put together a gorgeous lightshow for the first dance or for other parts of the night.  The new version of Virtual DJ certainly seems to tick many many boxes and that’s clearly evident by it’s massive worldwide user base.

Simon from Event Nouveau brought his disco for us all to look at and enjoy.  We found out that most of the brands represented at the ShowNight were brands that he used…we couldn’t have planned it any better!  Simon was subjected to questioning by our Chairman, Ian Forest and we discovered that Simon yearns for the day he can get to a gig, press a button and the disco self-inflates in seconds, ready to go!  That would be cool we think!

The second-hand table was absolutely packed with unwanted DJ gear from CDJ’s to lighting, flight cases to Bose speakers and much, much more!  It’s always one of the most popular parts of our ShowNight and gets a lot of interest right from the moment the doors open.

Our next Committee Meeting is planned for the 29th March at our secret bunker in Kent.  This is where we will start cementing our plans for BPM and the year ahead.  We would love to hear from you if you have any cool ideas or things we need to know about.  Just pop an email to dj@seda.org.uk and we will get back to you.

If you are on Facebook, our Vice-Chairman Glenn Nash took a load of pictures which you can find by clicking here!

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