Joining us for SEDAbuzz this year is everyone’s favourite and outspoken ambassador for ginger people…Adam Hetherington!

Adam will be talking about how our actions, performance and the way we are as DJ’s can make or break us in terms of reactions from venues, suppliers and more importantly our clients together with their friends and families.

For this seminar, it’s time to look at YOU as a DJ, your behaviour, body language and the natural things you do as a DJ and event professional.  Just remember…YOU’RE A PROFESSIONAL DJ, NOT A CLOWN!

From his experience of being a full time DJ for 15 years and now the world of high-end event production, he’ll be touching and highlighting on the stereotype DJ’s are viewed in and how simple things like attention to detail of not only your equipment but your own personal performance can improve and change the way your DJ business will be viewed, as well as giving you important hints and tips leading to better preferential referrals.

Book your place on SEDAbuzz 2016 right now…

SEDAbuzz tickets are available right now and cost just £30.00 for members and £40.00 for non-members!

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