With just 17 days to SEDAbuzz we thought we would release information on our third seminar and this time we’ve got SEDA’s big kahuna himself, our Chairman, Captain Ian Forest with a brand-new, never been heard before seminar!

THE 3-STEP SALES PROCESS THAT GIVES YOU WINGS will guide you through the stages you need to go through to get you and your business flying high!  Here’s what we’ll cover…

  • I’ll help you identify who are the people most likely to invest in the service you offer.
  • I’ll help you with some ideas you can deploy to attract those people to your website.
  • And finally, i’ll help you with some ideas to convert those visitors into leads and ultimately…clients.

This is not a quick and easily solution, you’ll need to invest a lot more time than the 45 minutes he has for his presentation so don’t expect any shortcuts!

Book your place on SEDAbuzz 2016 right now…

SEDAbuzz tickets are available right now and cost just £30.00 for members and £40.00 for non-members!

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