Just five more days until SEDAbuzz 2016 and have we got some awesome and unique content for you lot this weekend.

If you’ve never been to SEDAbuzz before and imagine it to be “another one of those elitist training events” featuring a load of ego’s all charging £4,000 a night for a disco then you’re totally wrong.

You see, there are people out there who see no value at all in events like SEDAbuzz, and that’s fine.  We don’t want to force you to be there.   Just remember that once upon a time you knew nothing and EVERYTHING was new.

There was a time when you hadn’t even done the most basic of every-day things, but you started doing them and isn’t your life much better now that you know how to do them?

I really don’t want you to regret not going to SEDAbuzz.  I’m sure that there have been many times you’ve been presented with something new and daunting and you said no, only to walk away wishing you had said yes.

Don’t be a scaredy cat.  The best way to not regret doing something is to do it.

Have you ever met someone who has tried nothing, only ever eats white bread, drinks diet coke, is fearful of change and you walked away after having a conversation with them thinking “wow what an interesting person!”.  Probably not.  The more you try, the more you know, and the more dynamic you will become…and far more interesting at the same time!  SEDAbuzz is your opportunity to become a better social magnet, and that’s just one of the many reasons to be there!

To tempt you a little, there’s been a slight improvement to the agenda in that Barney Grossman’s “supercharging your website” seminar has evolved!  Rather than giving you a talk on what makes a good website, Barney’s session will now be an open format discussion on digital marketing in general, covering a wide range of things like Google Analytics, design, blogging, and so on.

He’ll help with problems you’re having on your websites, and tackling questions from the floor so if you want an opportunity to take your website and online marketing to the front of your potential brides make sure you buy your ticket today!

Tickets are just £30.00 for members and £40.00 for non-members.  Tea and Coffee is included as well as bacon rolls when you arrive bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on a Sunday morning!

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