For the last few years I have been running the Vertus CLA 604A x 4 and 208SA x 4 and have been very pleased with the system. It has proved to be very reliable and gives an excellent sound in my opinion. In all the venues I work there has not been an issue with quality of sound or volume.

I tend to mount the 4 tops on Astralite uprights that are attached to my Paladin Innovations booth and the bins under my booth. This not only looks tidy but also stops drinks being placed on the expensive speakers. In a moment of madness the other month I purchased 2 x FBT Subline 15sa after listening to Jack Wilsons. Just when I should be cutting back on my gear I got more following a lengthy conversation with the wife!


I used them first at a large wedding reception with 2 of my Vertus tops and I have to say they kept up very well with the Subline. I used this combination at several events and received many compliments on the sound quality. To be totally honest I would have kept to this combination but having heard and been blown away with the new Ventis 206a I purchased these as well. This combination is truly amazing in both volume, quality and bottom end grunt. Having just done a large Reggae night with 500 people I can honestly say they sound awesome and dealt with the bottom end without problems.

The Subline are easy to carry and at the moment I will not be adding castors to them. My 16 year old daughter can even manage them with ease. The only thing I may invest in is some Subsafe or some other method to stop drinks being placed on them. Once again FBT have produced excellent high quality speakers in the Subline and Ventis. They obviously do their homework on what the market wants and I am certain that Mark and Jack have a major input to this. Matched with the 5 year warranty and personal service I would highly recommend this company.

All technical specifications can be found on the FBT website or demonstrations can be arranged at your local dealers or you are welcome to hear mine if you wish. Just got to sell some of my Vertus now!!!

Keith Hutchins

Keith Hutchins

SEDA Treasurer (2017 - 2018)

This post was written by SEDA’s own Keith Hutchins.

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