SEDA Inheritance Tracks

Last night’s SEDA Shownight saw the first of many new features – My Inheritance Tracks.  This is a spotlight on SEDA Members musical influences designed to give an insight into their musical story.  I hope you enjoy this feature, and look forward to many more.  So, first up is me!

Brian Mole’s inheritance tracks

Ella Fitzgerald – Mack the knife – Live in Berlin

Mum used to play this album in the home constantly. She spoke of going to see Ella live in Paris when she lived there, it made a massive impression on her. And ME.  So much so that on Friday 1st June 1990 at about 8pm something very special happened.  Let’s set the scene; the venue is the Stanhill Court Hotel in Charlwood, Surrey. One hundred and thirty guests form a circle around the dance floor as the new Mr and Mrs Mole – Brian and Helen do their first dance:

Ella Fitzgerald – Misty

This is followed by Summertime as our 2nd dance, then on to the best party of our lives.

This album made such an impression on my life that all of it is my inherited track!

Pink Floyd – Dark side of the moon

Next up is an album which brings back memories as a teenager. I used to go to Tottenham Court road in London to listen to hifi systems with a good friend. This album was brilliant for auditioning various systems. I am of course talking about Pink Floyd – Dark side of the moon.

Simon Mole

Fast forward to this year, my 19 YO son Simon plays bass guitar. Recently, I heard him practising one of the tracks from this

phenomenal album, and boy am I so proud of Simon, but also proud to have passed on this seminal inheritance track – MONEY!


On the same album is a song which my kids can play at my funeral too; The great gig in the sky!

Michael Jackson – The Earth song

Next up is a track which was number one in the chart on 9th December 1995. It’s by an incredibly talented megastar which I had the pleasure of seeing live at the Milton Keynes Bowl with my wife a few years earlier. I an talking about Michael Jackson – The Earth song.

So picture the scene, my wife Helen and I are at East Surrey Hospital, we have been there for quite a few hours. We are nervous, and our lives are just about to change massively. This is the day our first child Louise is born.

This track has therefore never left my mind, and it has a message which the world needs to inherit.

Gregory Porter – Liquid Spirit

Next up is Gregory Porter – Liquid Spirit. This is one of my absolute favourite tracks of all time, and having seen this fabulous talent live many times, Helen and I are fans. Liquid Spirit, the title track of the album of the same name, was also remixed by others, and as a house music fan, I find the Claptone version hits all my buttons. Here it is, I would love you all to inherit this, but I urge you to also listen to the whole original album (link above) as there isn’t a duff track in there – it’s all pure gold!

Underworld – Dark and Long (Dark Train)

Here is a track which I just love.  It builds and builds, just listen to it all on a big sound system.

Coldcut & Hexstatic – Timber

I first heard this track properly when I watched the video!  Coldcut made a sampling masterpiece here, as the track features many samples of sounds from the rainforest being destroyed.  The message is immensely powerful, and the chant is beautiful.  I just love this track for all the right reasons, and think the world should inherit the message within.

The Chemical Brothers – Star Guitar

Now, I want you to watch this video, just watch and listen:

I first saw this track’s video many years ago when a few SEDA members went to Oxford for the weekend to attend a training course on VJ’ing.  The video is a total masterpiece by film maker Michel Gondry, it just leaves me speechless!  The song itself brings back great memories of seeing The Chemical Brothers at Bestival with my wife and kids – what a memory!  I urge you to see some of Michel Gondry’s work, he has produced some of the very best and most creative films and music videos I have ever seen. Start with this DVD!

Faithless – Insomnia

Finally, this track is one you as DJs will all know. Last year, Helen, Louise and I saw Pete Tong and the Heritage orchestra perform a version of this track live, and the experience was incredible.  It has featured in some very special parties I have played at, including our HouseProud days, and I even played it on the main stage at BPM a few years back!  I am so proud of my clients and their guests; I do manage to play this track at most of their weddings.  It creates an incredible reaction every time, and the hairs on my back stand up every time I hear it.  Once again, you will need a decent sound system to hear this, turn it up and click the link below!

I give you Faithless – Insomnia.  \O/

So, I hope you enjoyed my inheritance tracks as much as I enjoyed putting it together.  I would love to feature YOUR SEDA Inheritance Tracks, so please get in touch with me to get the ball rolling.


Former SEDA Chairman Brian Mole works as a full time wedding DJ in Horsham, West Sussex. Passionate about music and weddings, Brian is proud to have the found the best job in the world! As a self confessed DJ geek, Brian also loves testing DJ kit, and writes articles and reviews for ProMobile magazine.

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