If you didn’t make it down to ShowNight last night then you missed a treat as we announced that SEDA is moving once more “back home” to what is considered by many to be our “home” – The Village Hotel in Maidstone!  The announcement was met with delight from some of those in the room so, from November, The Village in Maidstone is where you’ll find SEDA once more.

Keith started the evening off with an insight as to how SEDA is run from the financial side and met some difficult questioning from some members.  This is a follow-up to some discussions online as to why SEDA wouldn’t be present at BPM this year, after all, a huge number of Mobile DJ’s attend BPM each year and it would be crazy for a mobile DJ association to not be there right?

It is sad to say that SEDA will not be there with an official stand this year, however, Glenn Nash did mention the prospect of a SEDAjolly.  SEDA is currently offering its members discount tickets for Europe’s biggest DJ show and would also like to arrange a mini-bus or two taking members to Birmingham for a day out.  Pop an email to dj@seda.org.uk if you might be up for that.

Next up, Paul Forsyth led a lively discussion on how to deal with problem guests at a gig.  We’ve all heard crazy tales of what a little bit of alcohol can do to people and we’ve all been there (think about the book we could write?!) and without a doubt when faced with difficult situations it certainly requires careful management.  It was great to hear some tales from the front line and we hope you took something away from the discussion!

For their first attendance at a SEDA ShowNight, Andy from DJ equipment brand Lotronic brought some kit for us all to look at, the highlight of which for me was a 12 x 12w high-powered RGBWA+UV flat par available for a very reasonable amount of money.  Paul Comber from Marten Cables has teamed up with Lotronic and now offers products from their different brands such as Ibiza Sound, AFX and BST as well as his awesome range of custom cables.  As well as the now-infamous £30 radio mic, Paul demonstrated the quality of some of the custom cables he’s found online as well as trying to fit as many double-entendres as possible into his presentation!

Brian Mole then introduced a brand new feature to ShowNight called My Inheritance Track and you can read more about that by clicking here!  It would be great to feature other inheritance tracks from SEDA members so if you would like to be involved then please pop an email to dj@seda.org.uk.

Brenden Wood from HD Karaoke & Disco was our featured member’s show and he brought along his kit for us to look at.  He introduced himself and his business and took questions from the floor.  It’s really good to see that Karaoke isn’t quite dead yet.  Love it or hate it, karaoke can be a fantastic ice-breaker at private parties if you have the right kind of audience!

Our members raffle saw our President, Theo Loyla walking away with a prize!  It’s always great to see Theo and his wife Jan at SEDA ShowNights.  Theo has been there, and back, many many times.   He owns ALL the t-shirts and is an incredible source of knowledge and advice and it’s a great honour for SEDA and its members that he continues to attend our ShowNights whilst enjoying the chilled and relaxed lifestyle that retirement (from discos) brings!

And finally…one of the most memorable essential selections ever at a SEDA ShowNight, this time centering around The Party Dances.  Never again will your eyes have to bare witness to several SEDA members partaking in the dances associated with a number of super-cheesey party tracks.  We have a number of a local therapist if anyone needs it by the way!

The one thing you’ll certainly always enjoy about SEDA ShowNights is “vibe” in the room and there certainly was quite a lot of it on Sunday and we would like to thank all the exhibitors, members and guests who attended, you all made it a fun and memorable night for many reasons!

So don’t forget…back to The Village Hotel for our next ShowNight which is on November 19th from 7:30pm!  See you there!

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