SEDA Inheritance Tracks

This is a spotlight on SEDA Members musical influences designed to give an insight into their musical story. I hope you enjoy this feature, and look forward to many more.  Last night’s brilliant SEDA Shownight on 28th January 2018 continued the ‘My Inheritance Tracks’ feature, and this time it was Ian Forest’s Inheritance Tracks.

Ian Forest’s Inheritance Tracks

Ian is a former SEDA Chairman, as well as running a successful DJ and photo booth business in the south east.  So I thought we should ask him about his inheritance tracks, and get an insight into what makes him tick:

Ian’s first tune is a classic which you will recognise instantly.  It was one of the very first tracks he enjoyed listening to when he was eight years old at the BMX track where it was always playing.  This is one of Ian’s favourite tunes of all time which led him into other music like soul, funk and hip-hop.

I feel for you – Chaka Khan

As a complete contrast, one of Ian’s favourite bands which has seen over 12 times in concert all over the UK over the years, is The Pet Shop Boys.  This piece of seminal 80’s electronica first caught Ians ear on the BBC Radio 1 Mark Goodier show which he had hyphed for weeks as a world premiere.  Ian loved this track so much, that on release, he bought it in every single format possible (7″, 12″, 10″, CD single, extended CD single, DJs international remixes set, cassette single, versions with yellow cardboard covers, and maybe wax cylinders Ian?!), spending probably £200!

A few years ago, Ian met Mark Goodier at the Pro Mobile Conference, this gave him the opportunity to thank Mark for changing his life.

Left to my own devices – The Pet Shop Boys

Ian’s next track was also remixed by The Pet Shop Boys, and yes, you guessed it, Ian bought every single format of this too!  A classic House track, with great memories for Ian: so much so that when it came on at a club in Ibiza Ian was at, he took a drunken tumble down the stairs whilst rushing to the dance floor to throw his shapes.  A prize possession is the framed vinyl of this track in his home.

It’s alright – Sterling Void

When Ian started DJing nightclubs in the late 90’s, in Manchester where he lived, there was a happy hardcore scene.  This was the stand out song which Ian loves dearly from this era.

Children of the night – Nakatomi

When Ian was a youngster, and he got his first Playstation 1, the soundtrack to the Wipeout game was by Leftfield and the Chemical Brothers.  From the album Leftism, Ian selected a track which is his chill out tune, used many times in his hot tub with a glass of Jack Daniels at 3am much to his neighbours annoyance!

Inspection (Check one) – Leftfield

Another great couple of tunes from Ian’s hot tub sessions….

You’re not from Brighton – Fatboy Slim

West End Girls – The Pet Shop Boys

Finally, this next track is one which Ian adopted as his ‘coming back to life’ firefox moment track, after going through a very difficult time during his divorce. This song allowed Ian to feel that he was going to be ok, and everything was going to be alright.

St Elmo’s Fire – John Parr

On behalf of all us at the Jan 2018 SEDA Shownight, thank you Ian for sharing this great insight into your music.



Written and presented by Brian Mole. Former SEDA Chairman Brian Mole works as a full time wedding DJ in Horsham, West Sussex. Passionate about music and weddings, Brian is proud to have the found the best job in the world! As a self confessed DJ geek, Brian also loves testing DJ kit, and writes articles and reviews for ProMobile magazine.

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