Denon DJ’s proprietary communications protocol StageLinq now offers seamless ‘plug ‘n play’
integration with SoundSwitch lighting and Resolume video software, giving DJs unequaled control.

Denon DJ, a leading manufacturer of premium DJ products and solutions, today announced that their proprietary StageLinq communication protocol now offers seamless ‘plug ‘n play’ integration with their own SoundSwitch lighting and 3rd party Resolume video software, giving the DJ absolutely unequaled, complete control over all their lighting and video effects.
Following its successful collaboration with ‘Timecode’ software, StageLinq’s ability to feed data to these software plug-ins, coupled with Denon DJ’s Prime Series gear, ensures every aspect of the performance—music, lighting and video—is coordinated and controlled for maximum audio-visual impact. The combination of Denon DJ Prime hardware and the StageLinq-SoundSwitch-Resolume software sets a new standard for the DJ and VJ performance world.



Acquired by Denon DJ in April 2018, SoundSwitch solutions are globally recognized as the originator in unifying DJ waveform-driven lighting control that enables DJs to seamlessly integrate custom and automated lighting into their DJ set. The SoundSwitch software and hardware is trusted by DJs globally to enhance the visual and lighting elements of their live performances, simply and dynamically.

• StageLinQ Connection to Players and Mixer
• Scripted Track and Autoloops Playback
• Mix Audio and Light Using Cross/Channel Faders
• Four Deck Light Show Support
• Ableton Link
• MIDI Lighting Effects


Resolume is an instrument for VJs, AV performers and video artists, which combines all the DJ’s
media and visual effects in one place, making it simple to create explosive, spontaneous visuals in the
heat of the moment. Easy and second nature to use, there’s no fumbling or searching for the right clip
or effect. DJs can just think it and create it!

• Automatic clip selection
• Synchronized playback
• Automatic transitions based on fader status
• Visualization of player activity


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