Bradley Penhallow, as presented at SEDA Shownight on 23rd September 2018

Johnny Mathis Gone Gone Gone

This song was the song that made me love music. I was 2 years old when I used to drive my mum
and dad mad asking for Gone Gone song at any time of the day. When you sit back and listen to the
song now it’s just a lovely tune

Steve Walsh I Found Lovin

What can you say about this song other then you what. Originally covered by The Fat Back Band. This
song was played at all discos during the 80’s. My Dad and myself love this when it’s on we are both
up there bellowing it out You What You What. I play this track and live mix it with the original track
which they go great together and people still love it today.

Ollie & Jerry Breakin There’s no stopping us

Again another track from the 80’s. This so was in the film Breakin (Breakdance) it’s just a great tune
that you still see people enjoy at discos. And it’s just one that sticks in my mind

Lighter Sounds Of The Future

A classic jungle track from mid/late 90’s going back to when I was @ college going out to the clubs
Ace’s & Diamonds Dalston Lane this was known as Labyrinth an absolute banging club. Everyone us
to say all tracks sound the same but all songs had their own unique twist which made it different.
Just a great memory of my youth.

Born Slippy Underworld

Again another 90’s Classic but this was from the film Trainspotting. This is another track that when
you play within you set at a disco everyone just enjoys and brings back some great memories

Faithless Insomnia

This tune just speaks for itself another 90’s classic. It just keeps coming back as a different mix but
the original version is the best

Christina Perri A Thousand Years

This song I inherited and will always be with me as it’s mine and my wife’s Rebecca’s first dance
wedding song. There were so many songs to choose from but this one just stuck with us. It’s just the
words A Thousand Years. Lovely track just sit there and listen to it

It’s been great going back over the songs from my past and it brings back so many memories I hope
everyone enjoyed this. Please put yourself forward and bring your tracks to the next show night
Bradley Penhallow

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