ADJ is proud to announce that it will use the 2018 LDI trade show to unveil its latest technology breakthrough: IP65-rated moving head beam fixtures. The new Hydro Beam X1 and Hydro Beam X2 will bring weatherproof moving heads within the reach of a huge number of production companies and installers working on projects with budgets that up until now would not have allowed for IP-rated fixtures.

With robust construction and IP65-ratings, the Hydro Series fixtures are designed for both indoor or outdoor use. Their durable casings protect them from dust, sand, moisture and liquids, making them ideal for use in all situations from dusty deserts in California to rainy fields in England. Perfect for festivals and outdoor events, as well as installation in open-air clubs and other outside entertainment spaces, the groundbreaking fixtures offer an extended operational life and reduced maintenance requirement due to their sealed casing design.

The compact yet potent Hydro Beam X1 is powered by an Osram Sirius HRI 100W discharge lamp that offers an impressively long operating life of 6,000 hours. Combined with precision optics and a tight 3-degree beam angle, this allows the fixture to generate an extremely powerful beam that travels over a long distance and is capable of creating a wide variety of stunning midair effects.

Measuring just 12” x 8” x 19” / 308mm x 210m x 488mm and weighing in at 34.5 lbs. / 15.5kg., the X1 is ideal for installations where space is limited or lighting fixtures need to be unobtrusive. The unit’s compact dimensions also make it ideal for touring and event production duties, minimizing trucking and storage space, while its small form also allows it to achieve exceptionally fast and agile movements.

Despite its small size, the X1 packs in plenty of beam-shaping features. Its color wheel offers a diverse selection of 14 color options, including UV and a CTB color correction filter, plus open white. A second wheel is loaded with a varied selection of 15 GOBO patterns plus open, which include 4 beam reducers and the versatile fixture also features a 16-facet bi-directional rotating circular prism as well as 0-100% smooth digital dimming and variable speed digital strobing. Plus, its fitted with a frost filter for a wash effect.


The larger Hydro Beam X2 harnesses the power of an extremely bright Osram Sirius HRI 37OW LL discharge lamp, a brand new lamp chosen by ADJ that offers an exceptionally long lamp life of 6,000 hours. It generates an enormously powerful 3-degree beam of light and offers a raft of professional-caliber features including linear motorized focus, an in-built frost filter and an integrated USB port for software updates.

An 11 slot plus open GOBO wheel is provided with 5 glass and 3 metal patterns, as well as 3 beam reducers, all of which are replaceable and rotatable. In addition, a separate wheel features 12 colors plus open, which include 3200K and 5600K color correction filters. The fixture also features two separate 8-facet prisms, one circular and one linear, both with overlay and bi-directional variable speed rotation.

With dimensions of 16” x 13” x 25” / 402 x 330 x 630mm and a weight of 64 lbs. / 29kg., the X2 model is significantly larger than the X1 but is still a relatively compact fixture considering its output power and feature set. This makes it ideal for tours and production companies looking for a potent, weatherproof fixture, that is convenient to store and transport. It’s combination of powerful beam and expansive collection of features also makes it ideal for permanent installation in large outdoor nightclubs and other entertainment venues.

Both fixtures feature IP65-rated waterproof powerCON input and output sockets, allowing the power supply for multiple fixtures to be linked from a single socket. IP65-rated XLR input and output sockets are also fitted: 3-pin on the X1 and 5-pin on the X2. All of the input/output sockets on both models are fitted with rubber protective covers that can be used to provide water protection whenever a particular socket doesn’t have a cable plugged in.

“The Hydro Series will be a real game-changer!”, exclaims ADJ USA’s National Sales Manager, Alfred Gonzales. “IP-rated moving heads have previously only been accessible to events and venues with extremely large budgets, but the Hydro Series will bring them into the realms of affordability for outdoor venues and production companies working on small-to-medium-sized festivals and other al fresco events. Offering full protection from dust, sand and water, the X1 and X2 will allow lighting and production designers to integrate powerful moving beams into their permanent installation and temporary event designs without having to worry about them being exposed to the elements.”

The Hydro Beam X1 and Hydro Beam X2 fixtures will be exclusively unveiled on the ADJ booth (919) at the 2018 LDI trade show that will take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center, October 19 thru 21. Members of the ADJ team will be on hand to introduce users and dealers, both old and new, to these ground-breaking new fixtures that bring IP65-rated moving heads to a new level of affordability.

Both models are estimated to be available at the beginning of 2019.

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