ADJ Vizi Q Wash 7 Review By Jack Wilson (Kent Media Group)

“The Vizi Q Wash7 is a 280W professional moving head wash fixture with variable zoom (5- 55 degrees) and seven 40W Quad (RGBW) LEDs.
At 280W, this fixture offers very powerful 5 degree beams or brilliant 55 degree wide angle washes of color.”

I’m so pleased to the first of hopefully many SEDA members that will be able to review equipment from various manufacturers for SEDAmail and the SEDA website going forward.

The first thing to note about these fantastic lights are the size in comparison to the output – it’s small cute body doesn’t prepare you for the light output!
7x 40w RGBW (a total of 280w of Red, Green, Blue + White) LEDs are the light source in this moving head wash fixture which projects it’s output via 7 hexagonal lenses on the front of the fixture (hence where the 7 comes from in it’s name!)

The complete lens assembly is motorised and it moves backwards and forward to produce a variable zoom from 5 to 55 degrees, a massive 10:1 zoom ratio!
At 5 degrees the head produces a stupidly narrow and bright beam of light and at 55 degrees it produces a wide flood of colour that still maintains a fantastic brightness and colour. You can of course set it to any desired setting in between the narrow and far end.

Colour wise, using colour mixing the Q Wash 7 can produce a stunning output of bright yet vibrant tones thanks to it’s quad-colour mixing system. Users can also use the in-built colour macros to select a colour too. As previously mentioned, it features RGBW LEDs so that solid colours and pastel colours are easily achievable.

Movements on the Q wash are also insane… if you want it to be a fast moving head it can be, the motors can be set to be so quick yet so precise at the same time. On the complete opposite end, it can be slowed right down without any jerky movements which is great for slow sweeping effects.

What’s in the box:
When these were delivered from ADJ they were delivered to me in the Flightcase as that was what I ordered but usually when they arrive, they come in a smart cardboard box that contains:
– 1x Vizi Q Wash 7 Moving Head Fixture
– 1x PowerCON Cable (short length)
– 1x Fixture Manual
– 1x Omega Bracket
– 1x Shucko adapter (as the powercon comes fitted with a shucko connector)

The Vizi Q Wash 7 also has many features you don’t see on every wash fixture… a few hidden surprises I’d say!

The first being Wireless DMX. ADJ have their own wireless DMX protocol called “WiFly”, the Q Wash 7 is fitted with a WiFly transceiver so that it can not only receive DMX but transmit it too…. This means if you plug in an DMX cable (3 pin or 5 pin on these by the way) into just one fixture you can use the wireless transceiver built into the head to transmit to all others too!
Of course, if you prefer, you can use the ADJ WiFly EXR or WiFly based controller unit (such as the NE1) to wirelessly send DMX to all WiFly enabled devices if you can’t get a DMX cable to one fixture to act as a transmitter, and this device is only around £105 or so…. And to top it off the range on the WiFly Wireless DMX in these units are insane – up to 760m odd in direct line of site (although untested as that’s far to far for me to walk! Haha!)

Another feature is separate control of the outer LEDs and the centre LED, this allows you to have different (or the same if you wanted) colours on the 2 separate segments for funky audience facing effects or for a different coloured beam in the centre of the light’s output.

As well as the above, the fixture also features 3 pin and 5 pin DMX in and out, as well as PowerCON in and link out so that multiple fixtures can be daisy chained inline if required.

The unit can operate on DMX control and Automatic programs, there is also a way for users to program in static scenes directly on the unit too…. Oh and they are saveable and editable for use later on!
With the automatic programs, you can also setup a master/slave mode for an easy and quick lightshow when not using DMX.
In manual mode and DMX mode, the unit offers a ton (64 from memory) of preset colour macros for you to save you mixing.

The Q Wash 7 comes with an “omega bracket”, this allows quick mounting of the moving head.
The omega bracket can be mated with a clamp or bolted to a wall/ceiling etc. and then all you need to do is simply offer the fixture up to the omega bracket and use the quarter turn fasteners to lock the fixture in place. It’s a very easy mechanism that ensures quick setup and mounting and there’s only one per fixture so you only need a single point to mount them as you wish.
Speaking of mounting, did you know that you can mount the head in any orientation? – Some moving heads struggle being mounted sideways as their motors aren’t capable, thankfully these are more than capable and they look amazing vertically mounted! 

Now as you can see, there’s a lot packed into this little head…. And by little, I mean only 30cm x 20cm x 40cm. Four of these fit perfectly into ADJ’s Flightcase and thanks to the size of the unit, it’s quite easily liftable, I should probably mention that they only weigh 8.5kg each which is nothing considering what they pack into such a small casing!

One question I’ve had from a few DJs is “why didn’t you go for the cheaper Hex version – the Vizi Hex Wash 7”, my answer is that we already own a few RGBW fixtures so they complement them perfectly, also that the fixture itself has a higher output than it’s Hex brother – you can always dim the fixture if you need it, but you can’t make it brighter than it’s full output!

Other things to mention on this head are:
– A digital LCD menu system which is so easy to navigate (the display is also flappable if hung)
– Stupidly fast pan/tilt (if required) – pan/tilt can also be inversed
– 5 selectable dimming curves
– Electronic dimming and strobe (including a random strobe effect)
– 630 degree pan and 270 degree tilt
– Fan cooled
– RDM enabled

If you’re looking for a high power, fast, lightweight and nimble LED wash fixture with a little magic then the ADJ Vizi Q Wash 7 is certainly worth considering.
The dual use as a beam or wash fixture and the ability to control the 2 separate LED segments and the immense zoom range adds to the magic and makes the Q wash shine above many in it’s class and price bracket (£929 RRP currently in the UK).

Would I buy one? – YES, in fact, I purchased 4 for use on our shows alongside our high powered LED spot moving heads and they complement each other perfectly.

The Vizi Q wash 7 is certainly a fixture I’d recommend to a wide number of people for many different applications, it’s such a versatile fixture!

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