Tony Caliandro’s Inheritance Tracks

At the SEDA Shownight 18th November 2018, it was Tony Caliandro’s turn to present his Inheritance Tracks.  Tony C is a mobile DJ based in Tonbridge, Kent, with over 25 years experience.  Tony C’s facebook page

Sister Sledge – Frankie

This was my first real memories and being present at a local YMCA disco, it was at number 1? I was 10 years old, it was 1985.

Rebel MC – Street Tuff

This track was in the charts in 1990 as I started to work as a roadie, fond memories which began to shape my ‘career as a dj’ excellent guitar sample on the intro, this used to make my juices flow and still does!

A Tribe Called Quest – Can I Kick It?

The first real rap track that got me hooked onto the lovely world of hiphop, many have followed but this tune is what really stuck.

Awesome 3 – Don’t Go

Released in 1992, this was the first dance track I used to play at Saturday’s when I debuted my first ever club experience at 17 years old, there were others but this track is what got me going, fond memories of playing this off vinyl and watching the crowd go wild, now released 2018 with the same female vocalist . Awesome!

DJ Pied Piper and the Master of Ceremonies – Do You Really Like It?

The first and foremost best garage tune in my collection, have this on vinyl and it still gets played when I go out.

Ray Keith – Chopper

If there is an underground rave tune from the early naughties then this is it! The helicopter build up before the drop was what got everyone worked up a treat including myself! The memories of raving I had when this was played got me every time, I’m even lucky enough to have a copy on vinyl!

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