ADJ Expands Focus Series With Powerful & Versatile New Moving Head Spot

ADJ is pleased to announce the expansion of its popular Focus Series of compact and affordable LED-powered moving heads packed with professional-caliber features.

The new Focus Spot 4Z becomes the most powerful mover in the range, offering incredible versatility thanks to an expansive feature-set that includes motorized zoom.

The Focus Series is extremely popular with a wide variety of users and for an extensive range of applications. From mobile entertainers to production companies, bars and nightclubs to houses of worship, the fixtures have proved to be reliable and effective lighting tools. Now, with the addition of the Focus Spot 4Z, this versatile product range can satisfy the demands of even larger venues and bigger productions.

Harnessing the power of a 200W cool white LED engine, paired with carefully-designed optics, the Focus Spot 4Z generates a striking beam of intense light. Its LED light-source has a 50,000 hour rating, removing the need for regular lamp replacements that are required for halogen and discharge lamp-based fixtures, and it also runs cooler and requires far less power than a traditional fixture offering comparable output.

Heading up an extensive collection of beam manipulation features, the Focus Spot 4Z’s signature zoom function allows its beam angle to be altered remotely between 11 and 22-degrees. This makes the fixture equally suited for overhead installation where ceiling height is limited as it is to use on stage at the front of a large hall or theatre. The unit also boasts 16-bit fine zoom alteration, allowing for very smooth zoom effects and extremely precise beam angle settings.

An independent color wheel boasts 8 vibrant options (+ open white), while the separate GOBO wheel features 6 aluminum replaceable patterns (+ open). The GOBOs are also fully rotatable, with indexed rotation to allow for precise orientation of logos etc., while the projection can be kept sharp – regardless of distance – using the remote motorized focus function.

The potential for impressive projections and midair effects doesn’t stop there, as the Focus Spot 4Z also offers not one, but two, rotating prisms. The first is a 5-facet linear, generating a rotating line of GOBO projections, while the second is a 6-facet circular, splitting the projected beam into a cluster of 6 smaller patterns. Each prism is indexed and can be rotated at variable speeds, allowing for the creation of effects that range from subtle mood-enhancers to impactful crowd-energizers.

The fixture offers extremely smooth 16-bit 0-100% dimming and a choice of six different dimming curves. It also features variable speed strobing as well as Pulse and Random strobe effects. Further creative potential is also provided by the GOBO shake feature and the ability to select split-colors.

Despite its full complement of professional features, the Focus Spot 4Z is, relatively, both light and compact. Weighing 23 lbs. (10 kgs), it is easy to lift and maneuver, while its modest measurements of 18” x 10.97” x 7.15” (457mm x 279mm x 182mm) make it easy to store and transport as well as allowing its use in venues with lower ceiling heights.

A professional lighting fixture, the Focus Spot 4Z features two cooling fans and offers locking powerCON input and output sockets. This, coupled with its low maximum power draw of 240W, means that up to four fixtures can run from the same power supply at 120V (and up to ten units at 240V). The unit can also be mounted in any orientation and is supplied with large-rubber feet for floor-standing as well as an Omega Bracket and safety cable for truss mounting.

The fixture is supplied pre-programmed with an ‘Auto’ lightshow that allows it to be utilized without DMX control for easy ‘plug and play’ operation. Multiple fixtures can also be linked together in a Master/Slave configuration, with three different Slave settings allowing for a synchronized lightshow running offset movements across up to four fixtures (or groups of fixtures) to be setup quickly and easily.

For DMX control the fixture offers a choice of three channel modes – 16, 18 or 22. The 16 channel option provides full control over all of the unit’s features, while the 18 channel option adds fine pan and tilt control, and the full 22-channel option also offers fine control over the dimmer, zoom and prism functions.

A large backlit LCD display with six menu navigation buttons allow for easy and intuitive mode selection and DMX addressing. The menu interface also facilitates simple configuration of the fixture’s various operational settings, while a USB port is also included for future firmware updates.

“With each of the fixtures in the range offering both energy efficient LEDs and expansive feature sets, the Focus Series is extremely popular with a broad range of lighting users,” comments ADJ USA’s National Sales Manager, Alfred Gonzales. “The new Focus Spot 4Z model now takes pride of place at the top of the range. It’s powerful 200W LED source offers phenomenal brightness, while its exhaustive collection of beam shaping features – including motorized focus and zoom as well as a choice of two prisms – make it a truly flexible choice for stage lighting, event production or permanent installation in venues such as nightclubs, theatres, leisure venues and churches.”

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