Andy Stapleton’s Inheritance Tracks

At the SEDA Shownight on 17th March 2019, it was Andy Stapleton’s turn to present his Inheritance Tracks.  This is an opportunity for us all to hear another DJ’s influences in music.

As a child I was brought up on country and western and rock n roll but the rock n roll stuck with me and still does, even though I do still like country and western. It was the music of Fats Domino, chuck berry, Jerry lee lewis among others (but not Elvis) which brings me to my first song of:

Carl Perkins who is a hero of mine singing Honey Don’t.

From about the age of 9 I got into punk as my brother was older and playing records from bands like the Clash, The damned, Ramones, Blondie, Stiff Little Fingers and others. This brings me to my second track of a band I’ve seen many times over the years culminating in an historic performance just over a year ago at the Roundhouse in London where they were Banned ‘for life’ back in the Punk days.

The Damned with Smash it up.

My next choice comes from a time when I was about 9/10 years old and my music teacher told the class we can bring in a record (7” single) to play next week in lesson. I brought in the next song and showed the cover to a few school friends which was probably slightly inappropriate for a child of 9/10 years old. It caused quite a stir and the class wanted to hear my song. Obviously the teacher didn’t get to see the single cover and the teacher played

Edd Tudorpole (Tenpole Tudor) and Who Killed Bambi.

My next choice is from a bad I’ve always loved and my first ‘real’ concert when I was a teenager watching in awe. I have chosen a later song and one which I’ve always liked and so much I have had the single cover as the basis of one of my tattoos.

The Clash with Know your Rights.

My last choice is a singer/pianist that used to play in a band called the Dresden Dolls. A band that recently got back together for a couple of shows where I was lucky to see them possibly being two (I went both nights) of the best concerts I have ever seen. My daughter came to me a few years ago asking if I can get any music from the Dresden Dolls and I already had the albums which I let her borrow and from then she was a fan. By this time they had split and the singer/guitarist was doing solo work and its someone me and my daughter have seen on numerous occasions.

The last song is also a tattoo and me and my daughter as we are close had matching tattoos done from this song so it holds a personal message for me as we are so close. I urge you to check out the amazing

Amanda Palmer this song is called Ampersand.

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