Lee Chappell’s Inheritance Tracks

At the SEDA Shownight on 19th May 2019, it was Lee Chappell’s turn to present his Inheritance Tracks.  This is an opportunity for us all to hear another DJ’s influences in music.  Here are Lee’s choices, in his own words:

  • Aqua – Barbie Girl; the first cd single I bought from Woolworths back in 1997.
  • Imagination – flashback; Family holiday memory.  Memory of family holiday to Australia. All out on a boat on a lake watching the sunset near the Hawkesbury river.
  • Linking park – in the end Concert memory Me and 4 friends went to see them at the Milton keanes national bowl. It was a very hot day and an amazing concert. The hi light of the day was forgetting when I parked the car and spending 3 hours looking for the car.
  • Fatboy Slim – right here, right now. Love Fatboy Slim Have seen him many times including: at the o2, elrow London festival, beach boutique 2 and many other festivals. Love his style of music and he knows how to put on a party!!
  • Faithless – insomnia. Sound system test/ party classic I just love this song!! You know when it’s been a good nights Djing when you get to play this one as you have to have a certain type of crowd for this song!! Best played loud!!
  • Jermaine Stewart – we don’t have to take our clothes off Love this tune!! Gets me on the dance floor every time!! One of my all time favourite classic songs. Think it’s from growing up listening to a lot of 80s music and this one has stuck with me. Try to play at most gigs as I believe it’s an absolute tune!!

Been Djing since 13 now 29. Mainly specialise in teen parties but happy to take on any gig. I also hire out outdoor cinemas and a mini festival rig. I am a plumber during the day and DJ on the weekends and look forward to a gig after a hard weeks graft. Me and my girlfriend were fortunate enough to have a gap year to Australia about 5 years ago. We bought a camper van and toured up and down the east coast and I managed to get in with a local DJ company while out there. I learnt a lot while I was out there as he would send me an address and playlist and say go get on with it!! Which was great. He also taught me that less is more and I came back and down sized my setup to what I have now. My DJ company is Djlee – events

Lee Chappell


07922 635526

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