Keith Hutchins’s Inheritance Tracks

At the SEDA Shownight on 8th September 2019, it was SEDA Treasurer Keith Hutchins’s turn to present his Inheritance Tracks.  This is an opportunity for us all to hear another DJ’s influences in music.  Here are Keith’s choices, in his own words:

  • ELO – Prologue. This brings back memories of the first concert I went to. Wembley Arena was the venue and I will never forget the special effects that ELO used on that tour. The huge spacecraft hovering above them was simply stunning. Interestingly they still sound as good today as they did in the 70s. Well done Jeff.
  • ELO – Don’t bring me down. This was one of my mums favourite tracks and still brings back memories of her singing along to it. She played a large part in my music so a special track in many ways.
  • John Holt – Help me make it through the night. The first 45 I ever purchased and one I still play today at many of my gigs. A great Reggae track that always goes down well.
  • Charley Pride – Is anyone going to San Antone. I still like Country and Western and this is probably one of the earliest ones I ever played, I got into the style of music because a young lady I was seeing at the time had a father who played in a Country and Western Band. Great memories at the Hook and Hatchet at Hucking seeing them play!
  • Hollies – The Air that I breathe. Had to put this one in because it was the Bride and Groom dance at my wedding to the lovely Sandra. Mark Pantony was the DJ and it was a splendid evening with some very good friends and family.
  • Dire Straits – Money for Nothing. My favourite band, favourite track and best live show at Earls Court. What more can I say except gutted they went their separate ways far too early in their careers.
  • Darude – Sandstorm. Played loud and through a first rate system this track is truly awesome. I still love this type of music even at my age!
  • Meatloaf – Paradise by the dashboard light. I took my mum to see Meatloaf at Brixton Academy as she was really into his music. This one track was funny to see her reaction to the live lyrics and stage act. Truly epic and still makes me laugh. A great showman then and now.

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