Jack Wilson’s Inheritance Tracks

As ShowNights are on hold due to the Corona crisis, we took the inheritance track feature to Zoom Video online.  So, on Tuesday 31st March 2020, it was Jack Wilson ‘s turn to present his SEDA inheritance tracks.  This is an opportunity for us all to hear another DJ’s influences in music.  Here are Jack’s choices, and why he chose them:

1) The Beatles – Let It Be

Heard it many years ago in my dad’s bar in Majorca from one of his friends (Jim) who was playing live music one night, that got me into music and learning to play instruments. He was my inspiration for really getting into music.

2) PPK – Resurrection

This was the track I was searching for when I heard it on a TV advert for an album that was being sold.
It was the first CD album I ever went out and purchased by myself, Cream Ibiza Classics (2005). This was what got me into club / trance!

3) Frank Sinatra – My Way

This one is a family classic and Frank (and some ratpack) is a big part of our family music. My grandad who has sadly passed used to sing (and whistle) a lot of this too us and it seems to come out at Christmas where even my dad joins in with a sing song. It brings back many good memories.
It became a favourite karaoke track of mine and I also sang some of it at my own Wedding (with the words changed!)

4) Pixie Lott – Jack

Well this one has some history for sure, as I just played this my wife’s head just lifted up and a cheeky smile appeared. Another song from the karaoke days where I met her, I was actually with someone else at the time but thats a story for another day! 🤦‍♂️
But hey, ain’t no going back after loving Jack!

5) Star Wars – Main Title Theme

Well this just had to go in there, we’re a family of star wars nuts, currently we’re spending the isolation time watching them all in order!
The love passed on to all of my Children.
This is also a favourite of my brothers and one of my best friends, it always brings back many fond memories.
I think I have my uncle Chris to thank for our introduction to Star Wars, such a legend he is!
I also did some percussion for this on our year 6 production!

6) Heart – Alone (but from the classic rock show)

I couldn’t let this list go without having a track in here from the Classic Rock Show!
It’s a show some friends and I attend every year and all the songs they perform are amazing!
One of my best mates (Dave) introduced me to the show a few years ago and we’ve gone every year since!
This one is one of my favourites as Jess who performs it absolutely smashes it oh and the lighting in the video is pretty cool, then again some the whole show. Jess is also one of the leads in Rumours Of Fleetwood Mac which is another cover band I absolutely love. I would throw a FM song in this list but this list will end up being too long, but my favourite would he her cover (live) of Landslide which isn’t online or on CD anywhere, I got told off in the theatre for trying to record it on my phone… oops!

7) Boyce Avenue – Wanted (Hunter Hayes Cover)

Our first dance at our Wedding. You know what its like… how about this song, nope played this at XYZ’s Wedding etc. So we spent a long time looking for our first dance and we finally settled on this!
My wife and I have so many memorable songs but they certainly were not first dance material, for example we love beautiful south 🤣

I could go on and on but I’ll not push the limit of 7 tracks!

Here’s a video from the live stream

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