Matt Jackson’s Inheritance Tracks

As ShowNights are on hold due to the Corona crisis, we took the inheritance track feature to Zoom Video online.  So, on Tuesday 12th June 2020, it was Matt Jackson’s turn to present his SEDA inheritance tracks.  This is an opportunity for us all to hear another DJ’s influences in music.  Here are Matt’s choices:

One of the earliest tracks I remember my parents playing an awful lot when I was knee high was this track… a bit odd, in as much as the lyrics and its referral to suicide or eternal love? Either way, some cracking guitar work, not that I hear this track on the airwaves it is in my list of driving tracks.
Blue Oyster Cult – (Don’t Fear) the reaper 1976 (was a tender 2yrs old)

Next track from out back of the box takes us back to 1979! This particular track has featured in many house choons over the years with its catchy guitar riff. One such track is Ministers de la funk feat. Jocelyn Brown – Believe… like a lot of disco from back then has made a comeback in one way shape or form, Glitterbox milking big time right now! Another track I’d hear on me dads hifi fairly regular.
Two Man Sound – Que Tel America

My folks are a bit hippy and quite often they would stick on Disraeli Gears – strange brew and things just as whacky and be lost for days on end… joss sticks and psychedelic pharmaceuticals could have been involved to fully understand what the hell just happened…  Anyhow, this next one is a fairly chilled out track, Joni Mitchell also did it in 1970. This track alone could take you off with the fairies quite easily. This also finds its way into my ‘long drive’ playlist… (ps parents didn’t appear to be on gear just to clarify)… BY far the best version of Woodstock is this one >>
Matthews’ Southern Comfort – Woodstock

How could a band from Stockport knock out something so reggae and actually pull it off? When asked if you like cricket, and the response is, NO! I love it… Somehow this group managed to turn this into an international hit! Well kids, this actually happened in 1978 for 10cc. Maybe this was my influential connection to soul.
10cc – Dreadlock Holiday

In the 70s my uncle would bang on about how good this latin rock group was… he somehow managed to become their official uk photographer for all their concerts. At Christmas time all the fam would gather and my uncle would play all their music, which was a bit odd because none of it was really Christmassy… Nonetheless, the stuff weren’t bad and it had that infectious latin vibe even tho it was rock as well.. being a kid I didn’t really get it… I now look back and appreciate how good all of Santana’s stuff really is… One of my personal
fave’s if I had to narrow it down is this tack from 1981…
Santana – Hold on

I’m a little stuck with how I can begin to explain this next track… When I was young, it seemed that life was so wonderful, A miracle, oh it was beautiful, magical…! Know it? Bands back then, regardless of how famous would still do regular gigs around the uk in humble venues with ticket prices costing much less than a round of drinks. In 1973 ‘Crime of the Century’ was released, the band gained some fame and toured the uk. One particular humble venue was the Thurrock Technical College… 9 months later… I arrived… Ok, my selected track isn’t from Crime of the century, but the lyrics are profound, its my fave from this band. 1979.
Supertramp – Logical Song

One of the best things about doing weddings (and I don’t do many) is getting to know the happy couple, connecting with them thru music. My first wedding I ever did the couple told me so much about this particular artist, yet their not so short shortlist had been compiled from listening to capital radio’s ‘mellow madness’… I didn’t ask any details… but quickly noticed the list didn’t include what appeared to be their all time fav artist… Meeting the couple a week before the special day they still had over 15 tracks they liked and couldn’t decide… I took my mini disc player along to the meeting loaded with a few hopeful tracks for their audition… my first track… was this… and they went with it! ☺
Van Morrison – Moondance

As it’s been a bit emotional going back over these tracks, childhood memories come flooding back, I need to get to where I am now with music… Like all teenagers they begin to rebel and play music their parents hated… Well that was the plan…! So my teenage years progressed, disco died off, house music came along… WOW! One of my all time fave’s is this track, it’s got all the bits to make a choon totally epic, keys, vocals, you name it.. this track delivers big time!
FPI Project – Everybody >

DJ Matt Jackson – SEDA Inheritance Lockdown Tracks
For any teenage raver, the Berwick manor was hot on the list of places to go, albeit a bit of a reputation for recreational pharmaceuticals, the music was on pointe! This next track always takes me back to this particular venue…
Patti Day – Right before my eyes

The vocals of this man are infectious, a man larger than life. He has made tracks in his own right while also working with the gods of house, Marshall Jefferson to name drop one such god. The group that has 80s written all over it had to feature here as the music they made was so upbeat and loveable…. How could you not love house music?
Ten City – That’s the way love is

1990 was the year I left school and had already blagged my way into a few clubs between London and Thurrock in my passion for house music. With a baby face and fake id in hand I was locked and loaded and ready for the dance floor with a few of my slightly older legal buddies… This particular track has lasting memories. Story goes, I rocked up to the circus tavern in Purfleet, baby face and id in check… to get turned away.. only to be doing the not so glorious walk back down the queue looking glum, where my parents jump out of the queue and dad proceeds to take the p12s out of me… As luck would have it, having them in close proximity of the door staff got me a golden chance to enter (and was told to behave as I went in)… Turned out to be a very good night, even tho my parents were killing my chances of pulling… hey ho, this was the shape of things to come for the next ten years… shared dancefloors with the folks!
2 in a Room – Wiggle it

I guess this is my last track of the ‘inheritance’ theme… By the mid 90s house music had really took hold, I loved it, the music vibrant and the people too, a carefree approach to the scene made it even more infectious. Thankful my parents by this time had slowed down with their clubbing to allow me to flex like I was John Travolta on dance floor (well maybe just honing my ‘dad dancing’ skills for later in life)! This track opens with a similar start to Moby’s track ‘Go’, but thankfully that’s where the similarities end (the link with twin peaks was just too much to cope with)… This track has amazing back beats, melodic keys, some sort of meaningful vocals enticing you back for more! A four to the floor classic…!
Rhythm On The Loose – Break of Dawn

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