As our world has come to a grinding halt with the COVID-19 crisis, our members may be wondering what’s happening at SEDA.  Well, your committee have been very active trying to minimise the financial burden, and existing members have had a very generous and welcome offer to have their membership paid for by SEDA for the coming year.  The SEDA membership and committee were all invited to a virtual event on Zoom which was also streamed here on the SEDA Members facebook group.

As our ShowNights are not happening for the time being, I decided that we should continue the SEDA Inheritance Tracks feature online instead. And boy, did the members respond well to this!  If you missed them, this is what we did, some of them are captured on video too:

31st March 2020: Jack Wilson

7th April 2020: Dan Fee

14th April 2020: Clive Hodghton

21st April 2020: Dan Viggers

28th April 2020: Kyle Clarke

5th May 2020: Adam Hetherington – the Waffle sessions 😀

12th May 2020: Simon Field

19th May 2020: Tony Thomas

SEDA Member Andy Stapleton wrote a fantastic article entitled What would you do if you can’t work any more? which we published on the SEDA Website.  This article is brilliant, and has great insights which will be useful in the current crisis.  I would like to challenge YOU to come up with something to publish for the members, it will be much appreciated 🙂

Every Friday morning from 11am, I have also hosted a SEDA Coffee Morning which is just an open chat on Zoom.  We have had some great conversations with many subjects including music, old kit, concert memorabilia, and support in the current crisis. These conversations have also been featured on the SEDA Beer Bust zoom calls on 26th May and 2nd June, all of which have been very well attended by many SEDA members.  We even had visits from Rich Lee and Justin Preston of Mastermix DJ – thanks for taking part guys.

For the next few weeks, we will continue with these events, and would love you to be part of it.  Tomorrow (9th June 2020) at 9pm, I will feature the legend which is Paul Forsyth with his long awaited inheritance tracks.  Please join the other SEDA members taking part here (You do need to be a SEDA member to have access to this facebook group, so if you are a member, do ask to join!).

I want to extend a massive thank you to all those who have taken part in our activities whilst the crisis is ongoing, it’s much appreciated. Finally, a little plea for help.  I would love to feature YOU in the SEDA Inheritance Tracks feature, so think about the tracks which have influenced your life, and get in touch with me.


Brian Mole.

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