Kevin Waters – Inheritance Tracks

Notorious DJ Lord Large aka Kevin Waters
For our first Shownight of 2022, on Sunday 23rd January 2022, it was the turn of Kevin Waters aka The Notorious DJ Lord Large to present his SEDA inheritance tracks.  This is an opportunity for us all to hear another DJ’s influences in music.  Here are Kevin’s choices:

  1. I Bent My Assagi – Charlie Drake 1968; first record I ever bought
  2. Soul man – Sam & Dave 1967; I remember my brother playing this which when I was 5, I believed the title was I am a snowman …
  3. Wig Wam Bam – Sweet 1972; This reminds me of the first time I see Stan lee king working, a proper showman
  4. Street Tuff – Rebel MC 1989; The first record I ever saw being mixed
  5. Episodes Of Bach – Dr Dre Vs Punjabi MC Hip-hop remix; Played on Kiss FM, a Record I have had an influence on!!
  6. When I Raise My Bach Ke (FnB Crew); caused a riot at a football stadium in India, a drum and Bass remix I had some influence on
  7. My Neck My Back (FnB Crew) – drum and Bass remix; I had some influence on

Kevin also let us know the track he dislikes the most, we now call these the SEDA Disinheritance Tracks!

  • The Ketchup song – Las Ketchup

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