Andy Dykes – Inheritance Tracks

Andy Dykes SEDA inheritance tracks
After asking Andy to do this many times, finally, we did it!  At the SEDA Shownight on 22nd May 2022, it was the turn of SEDA Chairman Andy Dykes to present his SEDA inheritance tracks.  This is an opportunity for us all to hear another DJ’s influences in music.  Here are Andy’s choices:

  1. Rock Island Line – Lonnie Donegan and his Skiffle Group
  2. Break the rules – Status Quo
  3. Razzamatazz – Quincy Jones
  4. Velas – Quincy Jones
  5. One more night – Phil Collins
  6. Let’s get brutal – Nitro Deluxe
  7. Move your feet – Junior Senior
  8. Remember me – The Blue Boy
  9. Big Noise From Winnetka – Bob Crosby and The Bob Cats

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this great feature of SEDA Shownights in the last few years, and over the virtual sessions through the covid crisis.  For the time being, this is the last SEDA Inheritance Tracks feature, and I’m so pleased we managed to finish with Andy’s selection

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