This week, our friends at Mastermix released the second volume in a series of DJ Re-Grids, re engineered by the legend Paul Dakeyne.  The DJ Re-Grids Collection 2 features classic, original tracks re-engineered to deliver fixed-tempo, quantize-locked beatgrids.  This 50-strong unmixed collection spans 5 decades of musical genres and styles.

Using the Re-Grids, you can easily and seamlessly blend those (previously) difficult or even ‘unmixable’ tracks, add digitally accurate hot-cues for fast navigation and triggering for innovative live mixing.

All DJ Re-Grid tracks are also freshly levelled and mastered to sound pristine in quality, with attention given to correct any ‘DJ standard’, 4/4 beat/bar deviations plus improving intros/outros and sections where needed for easier, more creative DJ mixing!

dj regrids 2 track list

dj grids vol2 track list

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