Bring the Vibe: Introducing the WAVE-EIGHT portable DJ speaker

Today, alongside the release of the Omnis-Duo, Alpha Theta – the company behind PioneerDJ releases its new portable DJ system, the WAVE-EIGHT.

  • Portable DJ party speaker with ultra-low-latency wireless connection
  • Professional sound quality and effortless setup
  • Built-in battery and waterproof design for partying and DJing anywhere

Omnis-duo and wave eight

The WAVE-EIGHT helps you bring the vibes to your party. With its SonicLink ultra-low-latency wireless technology you can set up quickly and easily, then DJ cable-free – which has never been practical before due to the sound delay when using Bluetooth®/MD features.

You’ll get professional sound quality from the WAVE-EIGHT, even when using it outdoors, thanks to the speaker’s high level of sound pressure and rich bass reproduction. You can combine multiple speakers wirelessly to suit the size of your party and, with easy-to-understand sound modes available at the flick of a switch, you can instantly find the right musical vibe.

Having a party in an adventurous location? Whether you want to play next to a lake, on a hillside, or anywhere else you can think of, the WAVE-EIGHT is the ideal sound solution. You won’t need a power source thanks to the 8-hour battery life and it’s waterproof with an IPX4 rating. And, with built-in casters and an extendable handle, it’s easy to transport the speaker wherever you want to go.

omnis duo


SonicLink: Ultra-low-latency wireless technology to enable the speaker setup you prefer

If you’ve ever tried to DJ using wireless speakers, you’ll have realized that it’s impossible to play properly due to the latency of the audio transmission, i.e., the delay in time between you pressing play on the decks and the song being heard. Finally, cable-free DJing is possible, with the WAVE-EIGHT, thanks to SonicLink. This new ultra-low- latency technology wirelessly transmits audio much faster than a Bluetooth connection so only a fraction of a second passes between pressing play on the decks and hearing the track through the speakers, meaning you can mix without missing a beat. Simply take the included transmitter out of its storage compartment on the WAVE-EIGHT and connect it to your DJ gear, and you can instantly create a wireless connection between your decks and the speaker, enabling you to throw a DJ party anywhere you want. And if you combine the WAVE-EIGHT with the new OMNIS-DUO portable all-in-one DJ system, which features battery power, you can play cable-free for total freedom.

Professional sound quality with effortless setup for your DJ party

With a highly efficient Class D amplifier, a newly developed 8-inch driver, and a Vortex Bass Accelerator which delivers clear and powerful bass, the WAVE-EIGHT will bring the vibes and the punch to your party’s sound, even in outdoor settings. To cover larger events and spaces, you can easily add more units to your setup with the SonicLink connection: e.g., using 2 speakers in stereo for an expansive experience, or with a third added as a dedicated subwoofer for a club-like heavy bass sound. There are even several modes you can change between with a single switch to create the type of sound you need, including Mono, Stereo, and Subwoofer mode.

Battery power and waterproof design for outdoor events

A full battery charge gives you 8 hours of music on the WAVE-EIGHT so you can keep the tunes going throughout the evening and night. The unit is also waterproof, with an IPX4 rating, so it’s ideal for using outdoors. And, if you need to charge your phone or another device, you can plug it into the USB Type-C port.

Find party venues wherever you go

The extendable handle, casters, and additional grab handles make it easy to carry the WAVE-EIGHT to any location on your own. There’s a pole socket built-in too, so you can mount the speaker on a stand for extra height, making it ideal for use in a variety of locations.

For more info, visit the Alpha Theta Wave-EIGHT page.  This system will be featured at a SEDA Shownight soon.

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