Code Of Practice

Our Members must follow this set of guidelines as part of their membership agreement...

The DJ

  • All Members that are operating a mobile disco have Public Liability Insurance of no less than £1 million pounds.
  • The equipment used by the DJ is reliable, safe, portable appliance tested (PAT) and set up in a safe and secure manner.
  • The DJs presentation is both professional and of such standard that would bring repute to disc jockeys in general.
  • The DJ has an adequate and appropriate supply of recorded music.
  • The DJ uses safe and reliable transport.
  • The DJ will arrive on good time to start the programme at the time agreed with the client.
  • The DJ meets the detailed standards as set out in the requirements for membership of the South Eastern Discotheque Association.
  • The DJ carries a fire extinguisher suitable for electrical fires and a 13amp mains socket tester.

Safety & General Tidiness

  • Safe working practices must be employed.
  • The DJ’s equipment must be safe to use.
  • All leads and cabling is secure and taped down where needed.
  • All wiring and connections are in good repair, correctly connected and properly rated.
  • The disco itself and surrounding area must be tidy.

Clarity Of Sound

  • Sound recordings must be reproduced clearly.
  • The sound level must be within the design limits of the system with due regard to the size of the venue and it’s acoustics.
  • The DJ must be able to be understood in all vocal work.

Song Retrieval

  • The DJ must be able to find any request from his or her collection within 5 minutes.


  • The DJ’s lighting should be suitable and adequate for the venue and secured where necessary.

Dress Code

  • The DJ must be appropriately dressed for the event.


  • The DJ makes use of business cards, contracts, diary, telephone, e-mail, etc.
  • The DJ must be prepared to accept the South Eastern Discotheque Association’s requirements for Public Liability Insurance.
  • The DJ must keep accounts of all transactions relating to his or her business for submission to HMRC.

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