The Committee

The people who dedicate their valuable time to look after SEDA...
Theo Loyla

Theo Loyla

Hon. President

Theo Loyla is one of the UK’s most experienced and respected DJ’s.   Starting in Norwich in 1966 he has run his Banana Power Travelling Discotheque and performed at all manner of functions from village halls to Royal Palaces, childrens parties to 90th birthdays!  Along the way he has been a club DJ or Mecca, Top Rank and top London and provincial clubs.   Theo is an experienced master of ceremonies and compere and has worked for and with many well known celebrities.   He is a founder member of SEDA and is currently Hon. President.   He was also a previous Chairman of the DJ Federation of Great Britain, co-founder of the charity Disco Aid, columnist for various magazines like Mix Mag, Jocks and Disco International and also disco promotion manager responsible for Saturday Night Fever, Grease, Fame, Flashdance, Ghostbusters, Level 42, Whitney Houston and many other artistes.    Still in demand for selected functions he has a huge experience and choice of music from the 40’s to todays charts and a quality audio system and attractive lighting.   The safest pair of hands in the mobile disco industry!

Ian Forest

Ian Forest


Ian has been a DJ now for over 20 years and a member of SEDA’s Committee now for 7 years before being elected as Chairman in March 2015.  He owns and operates Disco Fever based in Sussex and specialises in Weddings!  Little known fact, Ian has flown a Boeing 737!  Ok it was attached to the ground but he flew it on a simulator and he reckons that if he had to, he could land a real one.

07799 782764

Glenn Nash

Glenn Nash


Glenn has been a member of SEDA for many years and was voted in as Vice Chairman back in 2013.  He is a full time Professional Mobile DJ who also specialises in Weddings, Karaoke, Video Disco and Rock & Roll Bingo.  Glenn also takes care of organising the ShowNights as well as looking after our social media page on Facebook.

Paul Forsyth

Paul Forsyth


Paul is no newcomer to SEDA having served on the Committee for a huge number of years and also spent time as our Chairman.  You’ll usually find him swanning around DJ shows wearing his trademark black suit and bowler hat, certainly one of our most colourful, yet well loved, SEDA members!

Keith Hutchins


Keith has been a SEDA member for many many years and now holds our purse strings after being elected as Treasurer in 2013.  He makes sure there’s enough money in the bank to pay for stuff, all of this without having to use a calculator! Amazing!

Caroline Robinson


Caroline is one of the most organised members of the SEDA committee.  She looks after our membership system and makes sure it runs smoothly.  There’s not much more to say really other than if you need any stats regarding our membership, she can put her finger on the numbers you need within minutes!  One of her biggest niggles is chasing up Members who haven’t paid their membership fees so be warned!

Andy Robinson, ShowNights

Andy Robinson


Andy has been involved with the SEDA Committee for many many years, looks after our ShowNights, the treasure island table (Ahoy me ol’ chumbucket!) and is also the friendly face of SEDA with the lovely Caroline on our stand at BPM each year!  Every committee meeting Andy can be found scoffing a plate of fish and chips drinking a pint of grog out of a hornpipe.  Shiver me timbers!

Andy Dykes, SEDAshop

Andy Dykes


Andy has been a member of SEDA for donkey’s years and looks after SEDAshop, the place to go for oddball connectors, bulgin plugs, gaffa tape and inflatable geetars!  Andy is a very clever chap and came up with the Casebooth concept along with loads of other different types of DJ booth owned by folk across the UK.  What this guy doesn’t know about aluminium isn’t worth knowing!

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