2021 / 2022
Committee Nominations & Voting


2020 – 2021 Season – A year like no other!

Due to the pandemic, this year we are having to run the AGM slightly differently.
You will now nominate members for their role online.
A few weeks after you will be able to vote for those that are nominated.
The AGM will be held on Zoom (and streamed live to our Facebook Group) a week or so after the nomination voting closes rather than “a show of hands” like we usually do at a ShowNight.

Full details and a timeline can be found below, we have tried to simplify the process by making each part close on a Sunday in 3 consecutive weeks.

You will need to be logged into the SEDA website to send in your nominations and vote for the committee roles

Roles and Responsibilities


A person chosen to preside over committee meetings and steer SEDA as the head of the association throughout their term.

The chairman often sets the agenda of meetings and ShowNights.

Vice Chairman

Similar to the chairman, the vice chairman is a person chosen to be “second in line” and carries the same responibilities as the Chairman and should be ready to step up and take the reigns should the Chairman require them to do so.

Honorary Secretary

A person chosen to oversee and manage the association. They deal with contacts and emails from members, non-members and organisations and pass on any needed information to the rest of the comittee.
This person also takes care of the membership systems.

Honorary Treasurer

A person chosen as a trustee of the association. Their role is to keep SEDA’s finances in order and ensure that proper accounts are kept. They are also to the “go to” person when a expense is needed for SEDA.

Co-opted Committee

A co-opted role is very open. There is no particular definition for this role but they are created as the comittee or members feel is needed. Examples of co-opted roles could be a member to run the SEDA shop, a member who takes care of the website and technical duties or a member(s) who would be willing to be promote the association.

This Year’s Process


Open until 14th March 2021

Nominations will be open from Wednesday 3rd March 2021 until Sunday 14th March 2021

You can nominate a member of SEDA for any of the SEDA committee positions but please remember:

  • Check they are happy to take the role and responsabilities of the role before nominating.
  • They must have served a minimum of 1 year on the SEDA committee at any point.


Open until 21st March 2021

Voting will be open from Monday 15th March 2021 until Sunday 21st March 2021

Once all of the nominations are in and the nominated members have been contacted to confirm they are happy to stand for the role then we will open the voting form on this page, the nominations form will then be closed.


Join us on ZOOM on 28th March 2021

The ZOOM meeting will happen at 7pm on Sunday 28th March 2021

The committee will take the votes and make sure they are fully counted twice, proof of the submissions will be also shown on the screen during the ZOOM meeting.

Andy Dykes (Current SEDA Chairman) will lead the meeting and reveal the results to all on ZOOM (this meeting will also be live streamed to our SEDA Members facebook group.


SEDA is your DJ association

Please remember that SEDA is your DJ association and it cannot exist without it’s members and their input.
As always we’d love to welcome you to join the committee in a co-opted role if you haven’t served on the committee previously.

Please do get in touch with by e-mailing dj@seda.org.uk if you’d be interested in joining the committee or even if you wish to send us feedback or comments.


(Open Wednesday 3rd March – Sunday 14th March)



(Open Monday 15th March – Sunday 21st March)


The AGM & Results

(Sunday 28th March 2021)

AGM Zoom Details:

Date: Sunday 28th March 2021
Time: 8pm
Estimated Length: Less than 1 hour

You will need to register in advance for this meeting to ensure only members are in the meeting.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Please be aware that this confirmation will not be instant as all registrations are manually confirmed and checked by the SEDA team.

The AGM will take place on ZOOM on Sunday 28th March 2021 at 8pm, just after the Pro Mobile Awards.

The ZOOM meeting will also be live streamed to the SEDA Members Facebook group so that people that do not want to use ZOOM can still view and participate in the meeting.If you choose to use Facebook your comments will be monitored and relayed onto the ZOOM meeting.

Andy Dykes (The current SEDA chairman) will begin the meeting dear boys (and ladies too!) and hand over to to Keith & Sandra Hutchins (The current Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Secretary) who will also present the AGM and also the accounts from the last year.

The votes will be announced to all the members and a visual proof of the received votes will be shown on the screen.

The meeting is expected to last under 1 hour although there will be time after for members to chat if they so wish.

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