Don't be shy, we love to talk!

Have you been to one of our ShowNights recently, want to come to one or just interested in what we do? Please get in touch!

General Enquiries

5 Brogdale Farm Cottage
Brogdale Farm
ME13 8XU

Membership Enquiries

45 Westmoreland Avenue
DA16 2QB

Contact Numbers & E-mail

Adam Hetherington, Vice-Chairman – – 07872 066296‬

Keith Hutchins, Standing Joint Chairman, Treasurer – – 07767 693220

Caroline Robinson, Membership – – 07889 916863

Andy Dykes, Standing Joint Chairman, Secretary & SEDAshop – – 07765 623601

Jack Wilson, Website & Marketing – – 07722 318526

For all other enquiries regarding ShowNights, the website, media and PR, etc. please use our general email address and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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