Join SEDA and become a member of the world's longest running DJ association! (probably)

What’s in it for me?

As SEDA develops, so the benefits grow. Bi-monthly SEDA ShowNights have been a raging success over the past years.  They are full of fun, information, networking, training and great presentations of equipment from the industry. Add to this the chance to physically meet and chat with the biggest pool of knowledge around, other DJs.

The SEDA Committee is constantly talking to industry representatives to get the latest news and information so that we can pass this on to you. We can also arrange some great prices on all the latest gadgets and concepts to hit the market!

Promotions, advertising and increasing public awareness are just three of our goals. We aim to educate the public in our area so that when they choose a DJ, they choose a SEDA DJ with the knowledge that they have made a reliable, high quality choice.

How long does Membership last?

All SEDA Memberships run on an annual basis from the 1st June to 31st May.

As you may join us in the middle of the membership year, the fee you pay is pro rata’d.  This fee is calculated in the application form below and valid until the 31st May. Our membership system may ask you to pay for the remainder of this year and all of next year if you renew towards the end of the membership year.

There are a few different ways you can pay.  Securely, online using your debit or credit card or via bank transfer. 

Which Do I Choose?

Full Membership - £75.00 / year

Available to anyone, irrespective of age, actively working and receiving payment as a DJ who also wants public liability insurance together with employer and product liability cover as part of their member benefit.

Junior Membership - £15.00 / year

Available to anyone aged 15 or younger who is NOT receiving payment for their DJ services OR is receiving payment but have their own public liability cover.    All junior members should also comply with current legislation regarding young people at work.

Associate Membership - £15.00 / year

This level of membership is available only to NON-DJs who wish to support SEDA.

Standard Membership - £45.00 / year

Available to anyone, aged 16 or over who is actively working and receiving payment for their DJ services.  This level of membership requires that you provide proof of existing public liability insurance cover.

Veteran Membership - £15.00 / year

Available to those who have been a member of SEDA for at least 5 years but do not actively DJ anymore and wish to continue supporting the Association.

SEDA Membership Application Form


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