Supporting the DJ industry during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic

What's it about?

The lockdown due to corona virus (COVID-19) has been on hard on DJs, DJs were one of the first out and likely one of the last in. DJs need some sort of support so that our industry and it’s hard working people can survive.

Many DJs haven’t been able to perfom in months which means their income has been greatly reduced and they are struggling to survive.

The “round 2” letter was created and added on the 14th October 2020, please send yours now!


How can I get involved and help #SaveDJEntertainment?

You may have seen a link flying around on social media advising you to lookup your local MP with a link to find who they are and how to contact them, but don’t worry, we’ve posted it on this page too! 
The reason for this is so we on mass can give the government a nudge to hopefully make them aware of the desperate situation our industry is in due to the pandemic and give DJs some much needed support.

Along with our good friends NADJ we have put together the tools you need to get our industry noticed.

We have simplified the process and made it as time efficient as possible.

All you need to do is:

  • Download the document you can find in the useful links section on this page
  • Find your local MP using the link in the useful links section
  • Fill in the document as instructed.
  • Send the completed letter to your MP either by email or post.

This is a numbers game so what we need to do is get every individual person involved in our industry to send this letter to their MP.

We need to get this to our MP’s as a matter of urgency. So please instead of moving onto your next email or the next post thinking I will do that later, PLEASE DO IT NOW.

Save DJ Entertainment

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